New Sound Spaces

Transpose, Transport, Transform: 3 episodes to better understand new forms of sound spatialization

Using 3 very different artistic projects, discover how artists appropriate the latest sound spatialization tools with the help of IRCAM's scientific and sound engineering teams in order to create new sound spaces.

#1 Transpose: how to reconfigure the landscape through sound creation
with the collaborative artistic research project, Reconfiguring the Landscape, featuring composers Natasha Barrett, Nadine Schütz, and Andrew Knight-Hill

#2 Transport: discover IRCAM's mobile ambisonic dome !
with the project of immersive sound fictions Musiques-Fictions

#3 Transform: how to revamp the opera experience?
with the contemporary opera Like Flesh by Sivan Eldar, libretto by Cordelia Lynn, adapted from Ovid