Franck Bedrossian was awarded the Grand Prix du disque Musique contemporaine from the Académie Charles Cros

The composer receives this distinction for his latest CD, which includes two Ircam works: "Twist" and "Epigram"

The encounter with Emily Dickinson's poetry and the work on the text opened a chasm in Franck Bedrossian's imagination who conceived, with the triptych Epigram, one of the most accomplished works in his catalog. High energy and incandescent sound matter forge a type of tension in motion in Twist, where blurred echoes of jazz—an influence Bedrossian has never denied—emerge. The third piece of the album, Edges, summons the duo Links (Laurent and Rémi Durupt) in a sound exploration as greedy as it is jubilant, carried out with a frenzy of gesture that galvanizes.

Twist, Edges, Epigram, released in 2019, KAIROS Music.  More info