Fabrica, a Virtual Music Experience

Composer Giulia Lorusso and computer music designer Benjamin Lévy invite the you to explore—online—the virtual musical space they created with designer Giovanni Muzio. This environment was designed for the premiere of  Fabrica, performed in concert at the Centre Pompidou on March 18th, by the Ensemble C Barré.

The Ensemble C Barré in rehearsal for the premiere of Fabrica © Pierre Gondard

On the website, you can explore a graphical space that associates music and movement in space. To begin, first choose a time frame that will determine your visit and then use your mouse and keyboard to navigate through the environment.

You trace your own path in the three-dimensional universe of the interactive experience and compose relationships between the sound elements (electronic and instrumental) and the visual architectures that determine the evolution of the musical discourse.

Let’s explore!