Sons Dessus Dessous #23 - The Brahms Database

Publish date
Dec. 23, 2017

Brahms is an encyclopedic database of contemporary composers. Every file includes a biography, a complete catalogue of the composer’s works (users can search via instruments), as well as bibliographic and recording references. Other documents can also be found: program notes, interviews with composers, URLs to audio or video recordings. “Parcours” have been developed for the most emblematic figure of contemporary music featuring critical texts that introduce the artist’s aesthetic and keys to understanding the composer’s oeuvre.

Today, there are 134 Parcours on the Brahms database (in French). Today, we suggest 4 dedicated to female composers who worked in IRCAM’s studios: Kaija Saariaho (1952), Chaya Czernowin (1957), Unsuk Chin (1961), Olga Neuwirth (1968).