The Forum Workshops in Chile

October 11—14, 2017 du 11

In partnership with Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chili, l’Universidad de Chile and the Centro Gabriela Mistral, the Forum Workshops present the creativity, research, and technology at IRCAM through a series of conferences, masterclasses, and performances.

he composers Hèctor Parra and José Miguel Fernandez, scientists Carlos Agon, Philippe Esling, and Jean-Louis Giavitto, computer music designers Jean Lochard and Benjamin Lévy are all taking part in this event that takes its cues from both the university setting and the artist’s workshop. Intended for artists, scientists, developers, and professionals working in the field of sound, these days foster both exchanges and transmission of savoir faire on the technologies of sound.

Supported by the Institut Français.


The IRCAM Forum

The Forum is a community of over 7,000 sound and music professionals and fans focused on technological innovation. A vitrine for musical research, its online platform lets members share their knowledge, practices, and skills on a variety of technological subjects resulting from the research at IRCAM’s mixed research lab. In addition to a range of activities, events, and services members also have access to software for composition, sound design, and real-time interactions developed by the institute and its partners.

Every year, the Forum Workshops bring together all members to discover the latest software, learn how to use new technologies, and talk about their experiences. Members are invited to present experimental performances. Since 2014, the Forum Workshops have been held abroad in partnership with universities and artistic centers with the support of the Institut Français. After Seoul in 2014, Buenos Aires and São Paulo in 2015, Taiwan in 2016, Forum Workshops are off to Chile in 2017!

The Forum Workshops in Argentina (2015)