Images of Work #24 - The film

Publish date
May 14, 2018

The Parisian premiere of the third, and final, chapter of the Epigram series for soprano and ensemble by Franck Bedrossian is an opportunity to show, in the 24th installment of the “Images of a Work” collection, how the musical universe of the composer Franck Bedrossian intertwines with that of the American poet, Emily Dickinson. Certain aspects of Dickinson’s poetry, such as the loss of identity, ambiguity, and even a type of violence that is not necessarily a contained violence, but the violence in the mobility of expression, apparently echoing his music—unless it is the opposite—certain themes in his music anticipate the poetry. The veil is lifted off this musical and poetic journey by the film “Images of a Work Epigram”.

A film by Véronique Caye and Philippe Langlois © IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, 2018.

Trailer - Images of Work #24: "Epigram" by Franck Bedrossian