Hèctor Parra, Philippe Manoury, José Miguel Fernandez

As part of the Forum Workshops
Fri 13 October 2017,
8 p.m.
GAM (Centro Gabriela Mistral)

In partnership with the Ponticifia Universidad Catolica de Chili, the Universidad de Chile, and the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistra, the Forum Workshops present the creativity, the research, and the technologies from IRCAM through a series of conferences, masterclasses, and performances. The composers Hèctor Parra and José Miguel Fernandez will take part in this event situated at the crossroads of the university and an artist’s workshop.

During the Forum Workshops, a concert will include works by Parra and Fernadez, but also a work by Philippe Manoury. In Partita II, for violin and electronics in real-time, Manoury continues his work on the string quartet he began with Tensio. Here, he delves further into the relationships that can be created between string instruments and electronic creations. Tentatives de réalité by Hector Parra is made up of an almost continual grand archway of sonic energy. Electronics amplify the sonic qualities of each playing mode to create a “solid body” independent of all instruments; a new vector that is a part of the piece.


Philippe Manoury Partita II
Hèctor Parra I have come like a butterfly into the hall of human life ; Cell 2
Rodrigo Cádiz eQuena
José Miguel Fernandez 
Fond diffus


University of Chili Ensemble
IRCAM Computer Music Design José Miguel Fernandez, Thomas Goepfer, Serge Lemouton

With the support of the Institut Français.
  • Hèctor Parra  © Manu Theobald - EvSiemens
    Hèctor Parra © Manu Theobald - EvSiemens
  • Philippe Manoury  © Philippe Stirnweiss
    Philippe Manoury © Philippe Stirnweiss