October 14 through Fri 15 October 2021,
10 a.m.- 5 p.m.





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Practical information


Software Training

TS2 (Transposition & Stretching) [online]

Introduction to TS2, specialized in time-stretching & transposition

TS2 is the development of the TS application, specialized in time-stretching and transposition based on the SuperVP™ audio engine. This new version provides  a number of new features and a completely redesigned—and more responsive—graphical interface. TS2 is a real audio editor that offers the possibility of combining several sounds in the same document and fades. Automation curves have been added to modify the main parameters of the application such as transposition, time-strecth, and  Remix options, and spectral clipping. A master module allows you to insert a string of plugins in VST2, VST3, and AudioUnit formats in order to finalize the sound with your favorite processing treatments.

More info about TS2


Upon completion of this course, participants will be more comfortable when reading a sonogram, optimizing the analysis parameters for frequency representation and processing, setting up and correctly performing basic processing: transposition, time stretching, use of Remix functions, and spectral clipping.


Composers, musicians, engineers, sound engineers, sound designers, video editors, post-production professional, teachers...


Good understanding of computer manipulation on MacOS, a software sequencer (ProTools, Logic Pro or Live) and a sound editor (Audacity).

Educational Resources and Techniques

This professionnal course will take place online.
Links to access the platform and instructions to follow the course remotely will be communicated to each participant.
Technical requirements: to follow the training in the best conditions, participants should download TS2 prior to training (For further information, contact us at info-pedagogie(at)ircam.fr). It is recommended to use two screens.
Class Format: Training alternates between explanations on theory, studying examples to analyze, and hands-on exercises.

Supervision and Assessment

Technical welcome/set up the first day of training from 9:30 to 10:00am.
Attendance controlled; signature of an attendance sheet required every morning and afternoon.
Assessment of acquired knowledge using a multiple-choice test (30 minutes) taken at the end of training
A certificate at the end of the program is given to each participant with the results of the exam.

Training Period and Organization

8 hours of training. Thursday- Friday, October 14-15, 2021. 10am-12pm/3pm-5pm

Online course
11 students maximum



MorningDiscovery of the different elements of the interface
Handling scales
Learning to read a sonogram
Understand the parameters of sonogram analysis
Learn how to calculate a sonogram according to the type of sound
AfternoonSpectral Clipping
Manipulation et montage des sons
Sound manipulation and editing
Selection methods
Effect manipulation
Making successful transpositions


MorningManipulating TimeStretch
Using the TS analysis parameters to produce creative effects
Introduction to automated curves
AfternoonSpectral Clipping
Manipulation of the Master section
Insertion of Plugins
Exporting sounds
Exporting a sonagram