June 16 through Sun 18 July 2021,
1 p.m.- 9 p.m.
Beaux-Arts de Paris
Palais des Beaux-arts (Salle Melpomène)

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from Wednesday to Sunday


Orbital Orchestra

Supersonic Chair Exhibition

Within the framework of the chair "Supersonic: exhibiting, editing, inhabiting sound", students from the Beaux-Arts de Paris were able to collaborate with young composers from IRCAM to compose sound and visual works together and thus imagine a group show: Orbital Orchestra. This collaboration takes the form of a digital score activated by a central sound device, collectively imagined and programmed by IRCAM's computer music designers.

With students from Beaux-Arts de Paris: Inès Cherifi, Pierlouis Clavel, Héloïse Delcros, Sarah Konte, Meret Kraft, Thomas Lefèvre, Anaïs Legros, Marc Lohner et Aliha Thalienet les jeunes compositeurs et compositrices de l’Ircam : Sofia Avramidou, Oren Boneh, Didem Coskunseven et Maxime Mantovani.

Performance by Anaïs Legros, Oren Boneh, Maxime Mantovani on June 16 at 6 :30pm with Louise Le Pape, Hashim Mboreha, Bilel Ouannassi, Aminata Thiboult.

The Supersonic Chair is headed by Vincent Rioux (head of the digital pole), Angelica Mesiti, Julien Prévieux, and Julien Sirjacq (artists in charge of studios) for the Beaux-Arts de Paris, and Grégoire Lorieux and Sébastien Naves (computer music designers/professors) for IRCAM. They are accompanied by Céline Furet and Juliette Hage (curators in residence), Soraya Abdelhouaret, and Yucegul Cirak (students in the "Artists & Exhibition Professions" program).

Scenography: Félicie Baguette aka Michael, Salomé Bégou, Chloé Redelinger, students from the Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture Paris-Malaquais.

Graphic Design: Chloé Poitevin

Opening Performance

Wednesday, June 16, 6:30pm
10 minutes long

Anaïs Legros, Oren Boneh, Maxime Mantovani and Chucky SchusterDO0MS
With the participation of Louise Le Pape, Hashim Mboreha, Bilel Ouannassi

Vestiges de la performance : vidéo, table en métal
Four performers carry out a series of actions until they are exhausted throughout the performance
The Athlete: exercises
The Gourmet: eats and drinks
The Dealer: rolls dice
The Reflection: smiles and talks to a camera and to a screen, interacts with a 3D model using facial-recognition software 

Exploring efforts through actions pushed to their limits, this artistic proposal entails the capture and transformation of sounds produced by the performers in real-time and a live sound interpretation by two composers: Oren Boneh and Maxime Mantovani.

The Works

1. Inès Cherifi, Didem Coskunseven, Meret Kraft Day was departing
video, sound

2. Meret Kraft, Maxime Mantovanitant au temps
video, sound, projection on kozo paper

3. Pierlouis ClavelSystème 60
Sound sculpture

4. Aliha Thalien, Sarah Konté, Sofia Avramidou, Oren BonehCAVES
video, sound

5. Thomas Lefevre, Marc Lohner, Maxime MantovaniÉlechtone
Sea clay, vibrators

6. Anaïs Legros, Oren Boneh, Maxime Mantovani et Chucky SchusterDO0MS
vestiges de la performance : vidéo, table en métal
Performance on Wednesday, June 16, 6:30pm, with Louise Le Pape, Hashim Mboreha, Bilel Ouannassi

7. Invisible Héloïse DelcrosManifesta
Tethered portal

The sound system includes 5 electroacoustic studies by Maxime Mantovani:
Étude 1 : Invitation au déplacement (librement inspirée de La Monte Young)
Étude 2 : Six solistes électroniques
Étude 3 : Continuum
Étude 4 : Spectre harmonique à distorsion variable
Étude 5 : D’après Norman McLaren

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris coproduciton | Exposition presented in the framework of the Théâtre des Expositions des Beaux-Arts de Paris.