Wed 17 April 2019,
2:30 p.m.- 5:30 p.m.
salle Stravinsky

Free entry, limited seats available.


Sheng! The Chinese mouth organ

Multiples sounds, a multiple of music

The sheng, or Chinese mouth organ, is a historical instrument which surprisingly lends itself to modernity, with a repertoire defined by both the traditional and the contemporary.  To welcome and encourage future works, we would first like to bring together a team of researchers, from France, Germany, Austria, China, Taiwan, and Japan, to investigate, within a project led by the Collegium Masicae Institute of Sorbonne Université, the historical background and different models of mouth-blown free reed instruments like the _shen_g, while exploring its repertoire, acoustical study, improvisational gestural analysis, fingering combinations, and notation.  Our research will be accompanied by a series of seminars.

Steering Team
Jean-Marc Chouvel (Sorbonne Université, IReMus), Pierre Couprie (Sorbonne Université, IReMus), Lin-Ni Liao (TPMC – IReMus), Mikhail Malt (IRCAM – IReMus), François Picard (Sorbonne Université, IReMus), Agnès Puissilieux (Institut Collegium Musicæ de Sorbonne Université)

Invited Researchers
Véronique Brindeau (Inalco/), René Caussé (IRCAM – STMS Lab), Seiko Suzuki (Inalco, Université Diderot/CRCAO)

Musicienne invitée
Li-Chin Li

Organization: UMR STMS (IRCAM/CNRS/Sorbonne Université/Ministère de la culture), Institut Collegium Musicæ de Sorbonne Université, IReMus, TPMC

Upcoming seminars

Tuesdays 14:30-17:30
15 October 2019 , 19 November 2019 , 10 December 2019 , 14 January 2020 , 10 March 2020 , 12 May 2020