Software Training

OMax: Improvise with Electronics

Explore performance interactions between man and machine with the OMax
January 27 through Sat 28 January 2017,
10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
salle Nono



Hands-On Session


500 €

The training program includes lectures on theory and aesthetics, learning to use the basics of the program, instrumental interaction modes, and preparation for a collective improvised interactive performance.


This master class style course is intended for improv musicians who want to explore performance interactions between man and machine with the OMax software program. OMax is an intelligent program capable of listening and assimilating musical flows, learning to play and interact in real-time with musicians.


  • Friday morning: Course on the theory and aesthetics of computer-assisted improvisation, creative software agents, artificial listening, etc; Performance controls, improvisation modes, management of time and form
  • Friday afternoon: Individual use of OMax with audio files and advanced use on a specific post; Expert-level software settings, recording sound, calibrating; Presentation of OMax 5, beat management
  • Saturday morning: The SoMax model, evolution towards accompaniment, instant listening, multi-agent configurations; Performer / OMax operator partners use OMax together; Debriefing: listening to oracles, preparation for the concert by the entire group
  • Saturday afternoon: Preparation, rehearsal, and performance of a collective interactive improvised performance; Presentation of SoMax, the meshing of listening and creation