MaMuPhi Seminar

Sat 10 February 2018,
10 a.m.- 6 p.m.
salle Stravinsky

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During this day, we will explore the status of mathematics based on the supposed structural limits that define their field. Our starting point is that mathematics represent the paradigmatic form of the theory pursuant to the ideal rigor and necessity immanent to their construction. In this respect, the “traditional” idea that the theory that has guided scientific thought since Antiquity is an essentially mathematical idea, that tends to identity in this rigorous theory the possibility of identifying invariants via idealization operations. Such requirements concerning the identification of invariants raises the issue of the theoretical status of objects or fields where it seems impossible to submit an invariance to a standard that, in a certain manner, overlooks the multiplicity of its variations. These are the objects we examine in life sciences or in research on practices of invention; domains of investigation that question the possibility of a theorization, therefore of a mathesis, of that which seems characterizable only as a singularity, discontinue, multiplicity…. The question we want to examine via the presentations throughout the day is the following: is it possible to imagine an effective use for mathematical ideality here or is there no invariance that seems to be identifiable?



Giuseppe Longo - The Physical Singularity of the Living: Where Are We Now
Alessandro SartiDifferential Heterogenesis and Post-Structural Dynamics: A Theoretical/Mathematical Framework


Andrea Cavazzini & Mathias BéjeanDialogue on the Idea and Issues of Mathesis Singulari


Andrea Cavazzini & Mathias Béjean

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