Revelo : L’Agneau Mystique

March 27 through Fri 29 March 2019,
8 p.m.
Église Saint-Eustache

Free entry, limited seats available.

REVELO is a project by the composer Marco Suarez Cifuentes and the artist Nieto. The discovery of the Apocalypse by Saint John, the final book of the New Testament, was a seminal moment. Seminal for a multitude of reflections—philosophical, theological, and “archeological”—on the nature of the Apocalypse and parallels with our disenchanted age where everything seems to be a “revelation” as we have forgotten everything. Today, REVELO consists of 10 stations that can be executed independently. L’Agneau Mystique – INNUBA is one of these stations.

A musician playing a Basset horn (INNUBA) – enters the church and plays at specific times, two or three times every 15-20 minutes over a few hours. 

When the musician enters the space, all the audio flows composed develop and align themselves with the musical score. Each member of the audience will hear in their headphones, depending on where they are in the sculptural space, an electroacoustic augmentation of the musician’s performance. As the musician moves around, the listener is included in the artistic space she can discover through movement.

Iris Zerdoud Basset horn
Benjamin Matuszewski, Jean-Philippe Lambert, research and development, Interaction Sound Music Movement team (IRCAM-STMS)


Notice for visitors : to take full advantage of this experience offered by the artists, it is recommended to bring your smartphone with earbuds or headphones. A special website, available only at the Saint Eustache church during the exhibition, makes it possible to interact with the multimedia works installed throughout the space and to experience the augmented sound of the musician’s performance.

A limited number of headphones and telephones are available at the welcome desk so the public can benefit fully from this artwork.

As part of Marco Suarez-Cifuentes' artistic research residency at Ircam "Composing spaces and perception / REVELO".