Sun 17 January 2021,
4:30 p.m.
Cité de la musique
Salle des concerts

Full : 20 €
Discount Price : 17 €


Far from making a clean break from the past, Pierre Boulez draws on ancient forms to create his own music. Hence the liturgical forms that he appropriates in Répons and Anthèmes 2, the viola version of which will be revealed by Odile Auboin.

In Répons, Boulez revisits the great responsorial masterpieces of Gabrieli and Monteverdi, by creating a dialogue in the instrumental space—which is the heart of the work’s system—between six soloists scattered throughout the hall and electronics. But Répons is also one of the pinnacles of electroacoustic music, inseparable from IRCAM which saw its birth. With a rare mastery, Boulez unites all the actors, whatever their nature, in a truly symbiotic relationship for a choreography of sounds in space.

Odile Auboin viola
Samuel Favre vibraphone
Gilles Durot xylophone
Françoise Rivalland cymbalom
Valeria Kafelnikov harp
Hidéki Nagano piano
Sébastien Vichard piano
Ensemble intercontemporain
Matthias Pintscher conductor
Andrew Gerzso, Augustin Muller IRCAM computer music design

Pierre Boulez Anthèmes 2, Répons

Keys for Listening by Laurent Feneyrou
3:30 pm, Cité de la musique - Amphithéâtre

Coproduction Ensemble intercontemporain, Philharmonie de Paris | In partnership with IRCAM-Centre Pompidou | A part of the 2nd biennale Pierre Boulez
  • Esquisse de Répons  © Pierre Boulez
    Esquisse de Répons © Pierre Boulez
  • Pierre Boulez  © Jean Radel
    Pierre Boulez © Jean Radel
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    Matthias Pintscher
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    L'Ensemble Intercontemporain