Fri 26 November 2021,
4 p.m.- 8 p.m., and
Sat 27 November 2021,
2 p.m.- 7 p.m.

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Reconfiguring the Landscape

How do spatialized electroacoustic composition practices and sound art affect the notion and experience of a landscape?

A collaborative artistic research project by the composers Natasha Barrett (Norwegian Academy of Music), Nadine Schütz (IRCAM), and Andrew Knight-Hill (University of Greenwich).

Initiated at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo in partnership with the IEM (Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik) in Graz, the project questions how landscapes are affected by sound art through a series of residencies in partner cities: Oslo, London, Graz, and Paris. These workshops feature events that are open to the public.

The upcoming workshop “Reconfiguring the Landscape” will be held at IRCAM in Paris from November 18 to 28. With the assistance of the latest tools for sound spatialization, Natasha Barrett, Nadine Schütz, and Andrew Knight-Hill will compose new musical works in reaction to post-industrial urban landscapes in Paris and its suburbs, exploring different approaches to collaborative composition.

The sonic material for these creations will be collected during a 2-day residency at the Grandes-Serres in Pantin, and combined with recordings from sites within Paris. The results of this experiment will be exhibited during a public exhibition on November 26 and 27 at IRCAM. During these two days, visitors can attend listening sessions, project presentations, and roundtables. 

Photo: Plage de la Défense © Nadine Schütz / ADAGP, Paris 2019


Spatialized sound creations and listening sessions

Friday, November 26, 4-8pm & Saturday, November 27, 2-7pm
Studios 1, 5 et Galerie

The sound creations by Natasha Barrett, Nadine Schütz, and Andrew Knight-Hill are the result of a two-fold collaborative process, which will be diffused via different different speaker constellations.

The first type of collaboration will involve composing with shared materials gathered from the same site, Les Grandes Serres de Pantin using an Ambisonic format, while also including sounds and influences brought from their home countries of France, England, and Norway.

The second type of collaboration experiments with how the IKO speaker can both project and reveal acoustic environments. A 'cadavre exquis' style of working is then united by the use of a single technology.

Panel Discussion "Reconfiguring the landscape: the allure of sonic space"

Friday, November 26, 5-7pm, Salle Stravinsky
Technological panel discussion focused on sound spatialization technologies used in the project.

Moderator: Grégoire Lorieux, composer and Ircam computer-music designer lecturer
Presenters: Natasha Barrett, Nadine Schütz, Andrew Knight-Hill
Respondents: Olivier Warusfel, Pierre Massé (researchers IRCAM-STMS, Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces team) and Aaron Einbond (City University of London)

The three presenters will explain how they explore the interplay between the physical and perceptual aspects of sonic space in their respective artistic and research work. The panel discussion will include topics such as the use of impulse responses to reveal spatial structures, the analysis of Ambisonics recordings to explore spatial features, the link between space and spectrum, and general thoughts on representation, interpretation, identity and engagement.

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Panel Discussion "Reconfiguring the landscape: sonic experiences and artistic interpretations"

Saturday, November 27, 3-5pm, Salle Stravinsky
Panel discussion on the relationships among landscape, environment, and sonic arts.

Moderator: Carlotta Darò, art historian and lecturer at ENSA Paris Malaquais
Presenters: Natasha Barrett, Nadine Schütz, Andrew Knight-Hill
Respondents: Olivier Warusfel, Nicolas Misdariis and Valérian Fraisse, researchers IRCAM-STMS (Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces and Perception and Sound Design teams)

Whether permanent or temporary, public space sound-art faces many challenges beyond the immediate impact of sound. The three presenters will talk about how they tackle these challenges in their work by exploring scales of time and space, seasons and meteorological conditions, the evolving state of the site, and the social and technical implications of sonically intervening in a public space.

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In partnership with Alios / Les Grandes-Serres de Pantin. With the support of the NARP (Norwegian Artistic Research Program).
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