Pierre Boulez, Yan Maresz, Raphaël Cendo

As part of the Cervantino Festival
Sat 21 October 2017,
7 p.m.
Auditorio General de la Universidad de Guanajuato

A program including Dialogue de l’ombre double by Pierre Boulez. Dedicated to Luciano Berio, the work was created at IRCAM with Andrew Gerzso and premiered October 28, 1985 in Florence by Alain Damiens.
 Dialogue de l'ombre double is a back-and-forth between verses and transitions performed by the same musician. The verses are performed on stage “live”; the transitions were pre-recorded and played over loudspeakers.

The style of Yan Maresz – fluidity, interlacing lines, harmonic vivacity – is found throughout his works produced at IRCAM, each one opening a new artistic and technological perspective. From its opening note, Metallics calls upon our memories, those of Miles Davis or of Baroque concertos. Maresz imagined a short story of the trumpet using variations of multiple mutes; a musical study that has become a part of the repertoire of numerous soloists.


Pierre Boulez Anthèmes 2, Dialogue de l’ombre double*
Yan Maresz Metallics**
Raphaël Cendo Scratch Data


Multilatérale Ensemble
Antoine Maisonhaute
, violin
Alain Billard, clarinet
Hélène Colombotti, percussion
Raphaël Duchateau, trumpet

Andrew Gerzso*, Manuel Poletti** IRCAM Computer Music Design
Serge Lemouton IRCAM Computer Music Production
Sylvain Cadars IRCAM Sound Engineer

  • Ensemble Multilatérale  © Ugo Ponte
    Ensemble Multilatérale © Ugo Ponte
  • Pierre Boulez  © Jean Radel
    Pierre Boulez © Jean Radel