Software Training

Introduction to OpenMusic

Discover Computer-Assisted Composition from Note to Sketch
October 14 through Sat 15 October 2016,
10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
salle Nono





500 €

This program introduces participants to the graphical interface environment as a composer: discovery and use of the OpenMusic interface, creation of patches with the use of musical editors and algorithmic generation of musical sequences.


Knowledge of music theory, participants must be able to notes and rhythms. Mastery of Macintosh computers (OS X).


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to use the main functions of OpenMusic (create and open a workspace, load a library), and to create simple patches, to represent and preform musical sequences with tools available in OM (chord, chord-seq, voice, poly, and maquette), to import and generate MIDI files, text files, and to import SDIF files from OpenMusic.


  • Friday Morning: Discovery and use of the OpenMusic interface (Workspace, Listener and patches); Creation of patches, main types of data; Introduction to the formalization and configuration of the musical space; Construction of chords
  • Friday Afternoon: Diifferent types of musical notation in OpenMusic, proportional notation and metric notation (<chord>, <chord-seq>, <voice>, <multi-seq>, <poly>); Control of different musical configurations; Algorithmic generation of musical sequences, repetition, reversal, symmetries, concatenation, and overlays. From monophony to polyphony.
  • Saturday Morning: Communication from OpenMusic to other musical notation software (Finale, bach, Live, etc.); Iteration, introduction <omloop>; Controlling processes from segment curves
  • Saturday Afternoon: Use of sketches, introduction to <maquette>; The resources available in OpenMusic to continue your learning