Software Training

Max : Musical Programming

À partir de patchs simples jusqu'à un patch destiné au concert
October 3 through Sat 8 October 2016,
10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
salle Nono





1500 €

New: Max Certification
IRCAM has implemented two specific Max certifications. Taken at the end of the classes Max: Musical Programming and Max Synthesis – Intermediate, these certifications enable students to evaluate their level by testing their capacity to design, implement, and use applications created with the software. Results enable students to situate their level on a standardized scale.

After an introduction to the use of the graphical programming interface through an interactive activity, participants are introduced to sound processing and analysis.


Mastery of the basic functions of a Macintosh computer (use of a keyboard and mouse, create and manage files and folders, use menus, launch an application), of a sequencer software program such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, or another digital audio editing program (e.g. WaveLab, SoundStudio, Adobe Audition).


Identify the means necessary to create a project using Max.
Acquire the knowledge necessary to make simple patches.


  • Monday: General presentation of the Max environment; Types of objects, types of data; Importance of the order of execution: the object trigger; Simple interactions with a MIDI keyboard
  • Tuesday: Creation of a random MIDI machine; Creation of a small reader for sound files
  • Wednesday: Control synthesis using envelopes; Play a video; Receive data from a tablet/smart phone
  • Thursday: Record, play, and manipulate sounds using a keyboard; Analysis of data: amplitude, pitchFriday: Simple audio processing techniques: filters, transposition, frequency shifter; Modular organization of a patch
  • Saturday: review; end of class assessments