Software Training

Max Initiation in English [online]

Learn the basics of programming in Max
November 2 through Wed 3 November 2021,
November 8 through Tue 9 November 2021,
November 29 through Tue 30 November 2021,
December 6 through Tue 7 December 2021,
10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.





1000 €

Practical information


Tuesday, November 2

General presentation of the Max environment
Types of objects, types of data
Importance of the order of execution: the object trigger

Wednesday, November 3

Introduction to MIDI data and managing sequences
Simple interactions with a MIDI keyboard
Creation of a random MIDI machine

Monday, November 8

Introduction to audio in Max
Creation of a small sampler of sound files played from a keyboard

Tuesday, November 9

Produce simple synthesis algorithms (additive, subtractive)
Control synthesis using envelopes

Monday, November 29

Filter sound signals in Max
Analyze audio streams and extract pertinent information using simple modules (envelope following, pitch detection)

Tuesday, November 30

RM and AM modulations
Delay lines

Monday, December 6

Realize effects based on delay lines (flanger, chorus, etc.)

Tuesday, December 7

Record and operate reading sounds in Max using the <buffer~> object