ManiFeste-2020 / Voce 2 / Online

'Voce 2' Concert Broadcast (binaural mix)
November 2 through Mon 9 November 2020,
8 p.m.- 6 p.m.


Stefano Gervasoni's path has crossed that of 17th century German mysticism, that of Angelius Silesius,Dir-In Dir. “From rhyme to rhyme, from paradox to paradox, from negation to negation, from linguistic game to linguistic game, meaning becomes elusive and a univocal theological interpretation becomes impossible. Words dissolve into music, get lost in it, transform it into language, contrary to the "usual" practice of making words singable, until it too acquires a sort of meaning." (Gervasoni)

Stefano Gervasoni,Dir - in dir
Neue Vocalsolisten
Johanna Vargas
Susanne Leitz-Loreysoprano
Truike van der Poelmezzo-soprano
Martin Nagytenor
Guillermo Anzorenabaritone
Andreas Fischerbass
L’Instant Donné
Saori Furukawa
violin 1
Sara Chenalviolin 2
Elsa Balas viola 1
Soazic Le Cornecviola 2
Nicolas Carpentier cello 1
Lola Malique cello 2

Audiovisual Production
Video Recording Gisèle Productions
ProductionArnaud Méthivier/ RealisationGrégoire Ausina, Julien Pamart
IRCAM Sound RecordingLuca Bagnoli
IRCAM Sound MixingClément Cerles

Coproduction IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, L’Instant Donné | With the support of the Sacem