January 21 through Fri 28 January 2022,
Opéra de Lille

Like Flesh

For their first opera, the Israeli composer Sivan Eldar and her librettist Cordelia Lynn draw inspiration from Ovid's Metamorphoses. Trapped in an unhappy marriage, a woman longs for a world beyond the limits of flesh and for an expression free from the conventions of human society. The secret desire of a young lover causes an explosive metamorphosis, transforming the woman into a tree and giving her freedom. But the world is as hostile to trees as it is to human beings, and in the heart of the forest, the lover and the forester claim this body of wood and leaves as their own, one for money, the other for love.

Sivan Eldar continues here the exploration, already begun in You'll drown, dear (2018) and Heave (2020), of the possibilities of electronic manipulation of the voice in the form of a long process of liberation and exposure in pursuit of clarity.

Chamber opera by de Sivan Eldar,
Comissioned by the Opéra de Lille, the Opéra Orchestre national de Montpellier, and the Opéra national de Lorraine - Premiere 2022
Cordelia Lynn libretto
Augustin Muller Ircam computer music design
Maxime Pascal conductor
Silvia Costa staging
Francesco d’Abbraccio AI video creation
Laura Dondoli costumes
Andrea Sanson lights
Alessio Valmori assistant director
Florent Derex soundprojection
Alain Muller chorusmaster
Helena Rasker la Femme, the tree
William Dazeley le Forestier, her husband
Juliette Allen the student
Adèle Carlier, Hélène Fauchère, Guilhem Terrail, Sean Clayton, René Ramos Premier, Nn the forest



Every evening at 7pm, sunday 23th at 3pm 

Screening of the film “Images of a Work #28: Like Flesh by Sivan Eldar
Followed by a meeting with Sivan Eldar and the creative team
A film by Christian Barani


An Ircam-Centre Pompidou production with the support of the Opéra de Lille

An Opéra de Lille production | An Opéra Orchestre de Montpellier, Opéra national de Lorraine, Ircam-Centre Pompidou coproduction | In collaboration with Le Balcon | With the support of the enoa (European network of opera academies), the European Union’s Creative Europe program, and the Fondation Camargo
  • Like Flesh  © DR
    Like Flesh © DR
  • Sivan Eldar  © Léa Girardin
    Sivan Eldar © Léa Girardin
  • Le Balcon  © Meng Phu
    Le Balcon © Meng Phu