La nuit des idées

Thu 31 January 2019,
6 p.m.- 11 p.m.
le C-Lab, Taïwan Contemporary Creative Lab

The French Office in Taipei invited IRCAM to be a part of Taiwan’s "La nuit des idées". This year’s theme is: Is Internet (Still) a Democracy?
The question will be addressed from political, cultural, and social points of view through a participatory event and transversal approach. The evening will bring together members of the Taiwanese government (Minister of Culture) and Taiwanese deputies (Karen Yu, Jason Hsu), guests invited by the French Office (François Croquette, Ambassador for Human Rights, Paula Forteza, Deputy, and Frank Madlener, Director of IRCAM). It will be held in an venue emblematic of Franco-Taiwanese cooperation: the C-Lab, Taiwan Contemporary Creative Lab, a structure with which IRCAM has signed a partnership agreement.

IRCAM offers a program of recent interactive multimedia creations by Chloé and Roque Rivas.

CHLOÉ X IRCAM - THE DAWN (interactive mix)
CHLOÉ musicale creation

Norbert Schnell, Sébastien Robaszkiewicz, Jean-Philippe Lambert, Benjamin Matuszewski
IRCAM-STMS Sound Music Movement Interaction team 


Roque Rivas IRCAM computer music production

Les technologies Web Audio utilisées dans la performance Chloé X Ircam - The Dawn (interactive mix) ont été développées dans le cadre des projets de recherche CoSiMa (Collaborative Situated Media) et Wave (Web Audio Visualisation and Editing) soutenus par l’Agence nationale de la recherche, et coordonnés par l’Ircam.
  • Chloé  © DR
    Chloé © DR
  • Mutations of matter  © Carlos Franklin
    Mutations of matter © Carlos Franklin
  • Roque Rivas  © Luc Hossepied
    Roque Rivas © Luc Hossepied