IRCAM Talks #005 - Inside Out

Mon 14 May 2018,
6 p.m.
salle Stravinsky

Free entry, limited seats available.

The composer Carmine Emanuele Cella and the computer music designer Serge Lemouton take a look back at the creation of Inside Out, a work premiered during the festival ManiFeste-2017, for percussion ensemble and piano. They will explain the creative process and development required for the piece.

“A piano, a drum, a large metal plate, a gigantic gong: every instrument was augmented, meaning capable, in addition to the sounds it habitually makes, to diffuse and play electronic sounds. Capable, also, to “play” the other instruments by injecting its own sound in the vibrating body of the others…. The sound loses its location, invading the entire space. Submerged in liquid sound, we slowly rise up to the surface where our ears emerge, listening, and then sink down again. Inside-out. From this omnipresent sound, deliberately, a voice emerges. Gradually removing all percussive connotation, the ambient sound becomes vocal, prosodic. Like a primordial ritual, a prayer surfacing from the bottom of this suspended moment.” Excerpt for the program notes by Jérémie Szpirglas

Italian composer and scientist, Carmine-Emanuele Cella works on the relationships between mathematics and music. 


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