Software Training

Interactions, Improvisations, and the Generative Pro-cess in Composition

Discover and master the basics of OMax & DYCI2
April 4 through Fri 8 April 2022,
10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
salle Nono

1250 €

Practical information

Programme de la formation

After the first morning of this training devoted to the general context and history of creative companions, participants will dive successively into the mechanisms and the concrete use of the OMax and DYCI2 software (2 days per software). They will tackle these tools both theoretically and through hands-on practice, in pairs and collectively.


MorningGeneral introduction: discovering the history of improvisation and the tools of co-performance
Discover the genealogy of the tools of IRCAM's Musical Representations team
Understand the interaction situations in which Omax and DYCI2 are used: free improvisation and interactive activation of "meta-composed" behavior.
AfternoonOmax: introduction to the environment and concepts
Omax, computer skills: learning the environment, inputs/outputs, simple game control, description modes (pitches, timbres, harmony).


MorningOmax, computer skills: improvisation modes, time and form management, expert settings
AfternoonOmax, hands-on session in pairs: apply the concepts discussed, practice your skills alternately as an acoustic instrumentalist and as a software manipulator


MorningOmax, hands-on session: sharing, debriefing
AfternoonDYCI2: Introduction to the environment and concepts
DYCI2, computer skills: getting to grips with the tutorials


MorningDYCI2, computer skills: learning to use the tutorials, building your own databases
AfternoonDYCI2: hands-on session in pairs
DYCI2, computer skills: using your own databases


MorningDYCI2, hands-on session: sharing, debriefing
General debriefing