Music Education

Include Electronics in Your Classes

pour les professeurs de conservatoires de musique
Tue 2 May 2017,
Tue 9 May 2017,
Tue 23 May 2017,
10 a.m.

Plusieurs séances suivront à la rentrée (7 séances au total)

IRCAM’s department of Education and Cultural Outreach, as a part of its collaboration with the Direction des affaires culturelles de la Ville de Paris, is holding a class for local music conservatory teachers.

The objective of this program is to include the possibilities offered by electronics in real-time in music education. Technologies let the musician hear certain fundamental aspects of her performance: accuracy, implementation, and even tone. These transformations are, above all, situations of interaction that enable new musical perspectives and favor supple expression and unbridled listening. For this, each teacher must master the entire chain from plugging in the necessary material, to knowing certain software, to enhancing his ear with a new "electronic solfege".

Sessions will be led by Grégoire Lorieux, IRCAM Computer Music Designer, specialized professor.

Information: info-pedagogie(@)

Several sessions will follow in September (7 sessions in total / 10am-1pm)