March 27 through Sat 30 March 2019,
10 a.m.- 6 p.m.
Centre Pompidou
Forum -1

Free entry, limited seats available.


Forum Vertigo

A part of "Mutations/Créations 3"

The Forum Vertigo is an annual series of international encounters among scientists, artists, engineers and intellectuals. Vertigo: a zoom in on a vertiginous present.

Today, in the digital era, artistic creation meets a rapidly-growing domain: the sciences of the living—neurosciences, synthetic biology, nanotechnologies. The notion of “living” is presented as a completely new form of artificiality, between inert and lively, organic and mechanic, material and digital. The use, programming, and exposition of the living raises new questions.

This scientific, artistic, and ethical interrogation motivates the Forum Vertigo, envisioned in connection with the exposition “Designing the Living” (La fabrique du vivant). As a part of the third edition of “Mutations-Créations”, the Forum Vertigo 2019 will also feature developments in the European program STARTS Residencies and new forms of collaboration between artists and technological research.

All the details of the program

Wednesday & Thursday, March 27 & 28  | STARTS Residencies Days

Friday, March 29, 1:30-7:30pm | Behavioral Matter - Compose with the Living

Friday, March 29, 8:30-10pm | "Dissect" Evening

Saturday, March 30, 1:30-7:30pm | “Designing the Living” (La fabrique du vivant)

Saturday, March 30, 7:30-8:30pm | Debate at the Center : Manipulate the Living

IRCAM-Centre Pompidou Coproduction. With the support of the STARTS platform-Science, Technology and the ARTS-H2020 program.