Fluid Mechanics [online]

Musical Immersion in an Imagined City
Wed 3 March 2021,
8 p.m.
Maison de la radio
Studio 104

Broadcasted on March 3 at 8pm on France Musique and on the Hyperradio website of Radio France in binaural.

Concert without audience, recorded on February 6 at the Maison de la radio.

Accustomed to unusual proposals, the "musical invention cooperative" Sphota invents a city and invites the public to explore it through music. The "fluid mechanics" in question is therefore this multiple and moving space that is essentially urban. In this multidimensional space of possibilities, independent yet intertwined narratives coexist.

This excursion is driven by a collaborative composition by Benjamin de la Fuente and Samuel Sighicelli for a hybrid orchestra, which blends the aesthetics of Caravaggio (with an amplified instrumentarium and rock tropism) and the Ensemble Court-circuit (with its instrumental virtuosity and, again, its inclination for groove), merging in writing for electronics to create an immersive experience in the beating heart of the city.

Benjamin de la Fuente, Samuel Sighicelli
Fluid Mechanics, commissioned by  Radio France - Premiere 2021

Éric Échampard
Bruno Chevillon bass/electric bass
Benjamin de la Fuente violin/electric guitar
Samuel Sighicelli keyboards

Alexandra Greffin-Klein, Aya Kono
Laurent Camatte viola
Frédéric Baldassare cello
Anne Cartel flute
Pierre Dutrieu clarinet

Benoit Meudic IRCAM computer music design

Production Sphota, coopérative d’invention musicale, Ensemble Court-circuit | Coproduction Ircam-Centre Pompidou, Radio France | Dans le cadre du festival Présences 2021
  • Carravagio  © DR
    Carravagio © DR
  • Benjamin De la Fuente  © DR
    Benjamin De la Fuente © DR
  • Samuel Sighicelli  © DR
    Samuel Sighicelli © DR
  • Ensemble Court-circuit  © Jean Radel
    Ensemble Court-circuit © Jean Radel