Fado errático

During the MITO SettembreMusica festival
Sat 17 September 2016,
Sun 18 September 2016,
9 p.m.
Conservatoire Giuseppe-Verdi

Long fascinated by the fado of Amália Rodriguez (1920-1999), Stefano Gervasoni imagined a series where the rumors of Lisbon mingle with the sea and the wind, the electronic and vocal melismas of the singer Cristina Branco. The contemporary re-orchestration conserves the initial melody, while the interludes and electronics offer the composer an unrestricted terrain for creation between the codifications of song and saudade. After an initial version intended for two singers, Fado errático focuses on the corpus of Amália Rodriguez. A pluristylistic joy unfolds, naturalistic or hyper-realistic elements, proximity and the effect of strangeness in regards to popular tradition. "Nostalgia combined with utopia, the past and the future, the infinite of the West (ocean) and the history of the East — all of Europe clings to Portugal's back."

Cristina Branco fado
Divertimento Ensemble
Thomas Goepfer, Carlo Laurenzi IRCAMComputer Music Designer 

Stefano Gervasoni Fado errático
based on Amália Rodrigues

September, 17th, at Turin at 9pm, at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi
September, 18th, at Milan at 9pm, at Piccolo Teatro Studio Melato

  • Cristina Branco  © Augusto Brazio
    Cristina Branco © Augusto Brazio
  • Cristina Branco  © Augusto Brazio
    Cristina Branco © Augusto Brazio