Fri 22 February 2019,
Sat 23 February 2019,
8:30 p.m.
Onassis STEGI

Eror (The Pianist)

EROR, a piece for musical theater combining live performance and animation, inspired by the word λάθως (láthos, error), a graffiti tag repeated on the walls of Athens during the financial crisis. The work refers to political, geographical, and societal instability via the digital instability—the introduction of randomness and algorithmic error in the musical material, in the sound, in the image. The musical and sound scores (piano gestures, short tomb-tributes, live sound actions, and field recordings) are transformed and broadcast in the concert hall, on stage, and inside the piano with the assistance of a complex computer environment. The performance includes intermission-happenings where the pianist’ sound actions effect the acoustic and electronic sound. The stage space is defined by video projections of animated shadows—a parade of figures that move and travel indiscernibly, colored shadows of the residents of an emptied city.

fantasmagory for a disguised pianist, electronic, and animated graffiti theater
Commissioned by Onassis STEGI

Georgia Spiropoulos concept, Composition, Dramaturgy, Art Direction
bestbefore (Andreas Karaoulanis) video Animation
Benjamin Lévy Computer Music Design IRCAM
Woozy (Vangelis Hoursoglou) Artwork Drawings
Arnaud Jung light Design
Alvise Sinivia piano
Sylvie Martin-Hyszka director Assistant, Set Design, Costumes:

Commissioned and Produced by Onassis STEGI. Coproduction IRCAM-Centre Pompidou. With the support of the Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud
  • Georgia Spiropoulos et Alvise Sinivia  © Ircam-Centre Pompidou
    Georgia Spiropoulos et Alvise Sinivia © Ircam-Centre Pompidou
  • Georgia Spiropoulos  © DR
    Georgia Spiropoulos © DR
  • Alvise Sinivia  © Ircam-Centre Pompidou
    Alvise Sinivia © Ircam-Centre Pompidou