Software Training

Sound Design

From sketch to sound product: what are the sounds of the objects of tomorrow?
March 12 through March 15,
10 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.
salle Nono







MorningIntroduction, presentation and analysis of a case study:
- General introduction to the class
- Introductory.
AfternoonEnvironments and tools for sound creation:
- Use an environment for the production of a sound sketch based on vocal production
- Use editing software (Ableton Live)
- Use IRCAM technologies for sound processing (Ircamax plugins).


MorningIntroduction to sound design, basics and principles:
- History and general concepts
- Connection with psychoacoustics
- Methodologies.
AfternoonCase study: presentation of a fictional project and its conception
- Study and analyze the requirements of a project
- Inspiration and generation of ideas.


MorningCase study: realization of the 1st step of the project
- Production of sketches and sound sketches using a software environment developed during the SKAT-VG project.
AfternoonCase study: realization of the 2nd step of the project
- Work and transformation of the sketches: refine selected sketches at the end of step 1 in Live with processing plugins
- Final editing and the sound solution.


MorningCase study: presentation and comparison of the different projects
- Presentation of the project: summarizing ideas on which the project is based, present them visually and/or with an audio support, defend the ideas
- Collective presentation and analysis by students and teachers.
AfternoonDiscussion, assessment, conclusion:
- Presentation of a real case study
- Assessment of knowledge acquired during the training
- Conclusion and wrap-up.