Conical Intersect

Sat 29 September 2018,
11 a.m., and
9 p.m.
Villa Méditérannée

In 1975, Gordon Matta-Clark produced in Paris, as a part of the Biennale, a work entitled Conical Intersect that consisted of cutting up a giant cone in two houses neighboring the Centre Pompidou in the Les Halles neighborhood. The artist compared the work to a sound and light performance attesting to changes in light throughout the day, inside and outside. The form was imagined as a counterpoint to the imposing background, the Centre Pompidou. The musical work with the same name by Roque Rivas was inspired by the encounter, or rather by the strange juxtaposition, in 1975 between the architects who created the Centre Pompidou (Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers) with the rudimentary textures (reuse of sound objects) borrowed from noises found in the streets, factories, and building sites.

ROQUE RIVAS CONICAL INTERSECT for bassoon and electronics  

Médéric Debacq bassoon
Roque Rivas IRCAM computer music design
Augustin Muller IRCAM computer control

  • Centre Pompidou  © DR
    Centre Pompidou © DR
  • Roque Rivas  © Luc Hossepied
    Roque Rivas © Luc Hossepied