Wed 19 May 2021,
Theater am Lend

The Austrian ensemble Schallfeld has chosen to focus on the adventure of the young Italian composer Maurizio Azzan, who set out on the traces of Ariadne. She who helped Theseus to destroy the Minotaur, embodies sleeping beauty, abandonment and solitude on her island, perplexity and doubt, all mythological and contemporary attributes. An intimate voice diffracted in the audience, the non-linear narration conceived by librettist Daniele Bellomi, Ariadne embodies wandering more than a marked path.

Anna Piroli soprano
Ensemble Schallfeld
Maurizio Azzan Ariadne
commissioned by the Schallfeld Ensemble with the support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation Premiere 2021

  • Anna Piroli  © Giovanni Daniotti
    Anna Piroli © Giovanni Daniotti
  • Maurizio Azzan  © Léa Girardin
    Maurizio Azzan © Léa Girardin
  • Ensemble Schallfeld  © Wolfgang Silveri
    Ensemble Schallfeld © Wolfgang Silveri