November 1 through Sun 4 November 2018,
7 p.m.
Donnersberghalle - Rockenhausen

 An Experiment With Time

Audio & Visual Installation
John W. Dunne, an aeronautical engineer, philosopher, and fly-fishing lover, published An Experiment with Time in 1927. The installation makes it possible for the past and the future to coexist, premonitory dreams and dreams that refer to neither memories nor anticipation. Marked by this offbeat endeavor, the Italian composer Daniele Ghisi has taken off in this curious time-dilating machine. Through the use of aliases projected on screens and electronic databases, several different series nest together in his installation: a day, a year, and a lifetime considered to be a polyrythm.

DANIEL GHISI AN EXPERIMENT WITH TIME installation: sound, video, animation
Commissioned by IRCAM-Centre Pompidou and the Divertimento ensemble
Inspired by the eponymous book by John W. Dunne

Daniele Ghisi, Luigi Acerbi, Paolo Puggioni Storyline and script
Maryam Babaei script assistant
Luca Morino video assistant 
Davide Bordogna graphic advisor
The Experiment cards are drawn by Luca Nava
Julien Reis IRCAM video technician

 Photo credits
Miroslav Barták, From Old Books, Karl Jahnke
Copies of the Illustrated London News shoLondon News/Mary Evans Picture Library

Audio credits
Tebblofang, empraetorius, HollowRiku, lucaslara, nebulousflynn, exterminat, Omar Alvarado, RutgerMuller, Runey, SunnySideSound

Additional thanks to
Carlos Agon, Mattia Bergomi, Sylvain Cadars, Aaron Einbond, Carla and Giorgio Felotti, Maria Giulia Ganassini, Jean-Louis Giavitto,  Boris Labbé, Virgilio Maffeis and family, Yann Philippe, Andrea Rota, Christopher Trapani, Paul Slocum et Vincenzo Picariello

Sound and visual installation as part of the exhibition "Coder le monde" from June 15 to August 27, 2018 at the Center Pompidou.

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou production. With the support of the Sacem and the ULYSSES network. This project was funded through the support of the European Commission.
  • An Experiment With Time  © Daniele Ghisi
    An Experiment With Time © Daniele Ghisi
  • Daniel Ghisi  © Bernard Clerc-Renaud/Musica Nova
    Daniel Ghisi © Bernard Clerc-Renaud/Musica Nova