À la folie

Fri 11 June 2021,
8 p.m.
Cité de la musique
Salle des concerts

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En vente auprès de la Philharmonie de Paris

Financial markets spinning out of control, a language that goes astray in a delirious stream of consciousness, a saint who has lost her mind... A wind of madness sweeps through this concert by the Ensemble Intercontemporain. Raphaël Cendo hijacks the sacredness of the Passion to turn it into a "fast food" product, whose ingredients are uncontrollable stock market prices. Playing the analog synthesizer, Cendo borrows from the electronics of the 1970s, in an assertively vintage style. In D'estasi, Pasquale Corrado evokes the memory of Saint Cecilia, patron saint of musicians, as she was represented by Raphael in 1514. From ecstasy we slide into the schizophrenia of Raymond Roussel, with Olga Neuwirth's locus... doublure... solus, one of the most accomplished piano concertos. Sasha J. Blondeau, finally, refers to Foucault's concept of heterotopia, these places of isolation (asylum, amusement parks) and takes us through a sonic counter-space, with rethought borders.

Christina Daletska mezzo-soprano
Dimitri Vassilakis piano
Ensemble intercontemporain
Bastien Stil
Augustin Muller IRCAM computer-music design
Juline Darde Gervais designer (haberdashery)

Raphaël Cendo Double Cheese Passions premiere 2021
commissioned by Françoise and Jean-Philippe Billarant
Sasha J. Blondeau
Olga Neuwirth locus... doublure... solus
Pasquale Corrado D’estasi French premiere

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, Ensemble intercontemporain, Philharmonie de Paris coproduction. Concert recorded by France Musique.
  • Le compositeur Sasha J. Blondeau  None
    Le compositeur Sasha J. Blondeau
  • Le compositeur Raphaël Cendo  © Jean Radel
    Le compositeur Raphaël Cendo © Jean Radel
  • La compositrice Olga Neuwirth  © Harald Hoffmann
    La compositrice Olga Neuwirth © Harald Hoffmann
  • Le compositeur Pascal Corrado  None
    Le compositeur Pascal Corrado
  • L'Ensemble intercontemporain  © Luc Hossepied
    L'Ensemble intercontemporain © Luc Hossepied