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A collection includes 26 films

Since 2007, IRCAM’s Department of Education and Cultural Outreach has presented one or two films a year on a work in production with electronics produced in the institute’s studios. The series is produced in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou. The films are screened before the work’s premiere and are accompanied by a meeting with the composer and film crew.

Examining the different steps in creating a piece, watching a composer at work, understanding the sources and issues surrounding recent creations produced at IRCAM: these are the subjects of the “Images of a Work” series. It decodes the creative process of a musical work and lets us in to the inner workings of IRCAM. It shows the involvement of different actors (composer, musicians, computer music designers, scientists, ect.) in the elaboration of a musical project and their various work situations (personal studio, research period, tests, recordings, rehearsals with musicians and other artists, etc.)

This collection sheds light on the aesthetic, technological, and scientific aspects of a work in progress. The films are part of a global educational effort that accompanies the audience, the listener, in their understanding of a musical work and how the technology and research developed at IRCAM serve an artistic project.

>#1: Stèles d'air by Jérôme Combier
Director: Jérôme Combier and Pierre Nouvel (2007)

>#15: Assemblage by Roque Rivas
Director: Nicolas Donin and Benoît Martin (2012)

>#2: Le Grand Dehors by Pierre Jodlowski
Director: Maÿlis Dupont and Lionel Escama (2007)

>#16: Germination by Jean-Luc Hervé
Director: Philippe Langlois and Christian Bahier (2013)

>#3: Océan by Philipp Maintz
Director: Nicolas Donin and Lionel Escama (2008)

>#17: Te craindre en ton absence by Hèctor Parra
Director: Antoine Pecqueur and Christian Bahier (2014)

>#4: Dans le mur by Georges Aperghis
Director: Nicolas Donin and Benoît Martin (2008)

>#18: Quid sit musicus ? by Philippe Leroux
Director: Thierry Paul Benizeau (2014)

>#5: Deux caprices pour percussion by Luis Naón
Director: Maÿlis Dupont and Jérôme Polidor (2008)

>#19: Tour à Tour by Philippe Hurel
Director: Thierry Paul Benizeau (2015)

>#6: Les temps tiraillés by Myriam Gourfink and Georg Friedrich Haas
Director: Martin Kaltenecker and Christian Bahier (2009)

>#20: Notturno sulle corde vuote by Francesco Filidei
Director: Véronique Caye and Philippe Langlois (2016)

>#7: L'électronique de chambre by Marco Stroppa
Director: Nicolas Donin and Benoît Martin (2009)

>#21: SIMPLEXITY la beauté du geste by Thierry De Mey
Director: Philippe Langlois, in collaboration with Yves Pezet, Aliocha and Boris Van der Avoort (2016)

>#8: Le père by Michael Jarrell
Director: Laurent Feneyrou and Benoît Martin (2010)

>#22: Infinite Now by Chaya Czernowin
Director: Marie Losier (2017)

>#9: Un Mage en été by Olivier Cadiot & Ludovic Lagarde
Director: Marion Stouffet and Benoît Martin (2010)

>#23: La Princesse légère by Violeta Cruz
Director: Natacha Nisic and Anne Montaron (2018)

>#10: Tensio by Philippe Manoury
Director: Martin Kaltenecker and Christian Bahier (2010)

>#24: Epigram by Franck Bedrossian
Director: Véronique Caye and Philippe Langlois (2018)

>#11: Quartett by Luca Francesconi
Director: Nicolas Donin and Benoît Martin (2011)

>#25 : Eror (The Pianist) by Georgia Spiropoulos
Director: Sabine Massenet, in collaboration with François-Xavier Féron (2019)

>#12: La pierre et l'étang (...les temps...) by Ivan Fedele
Director: Jérémie Szpirglas and Christian Bahier (2011)

> #26 : de tinieblas by Stefano Gervasoni
Director: Véronique Caye and Philippe Langlois . (Film in production)

>#13: Luna Park de Georges Aperghis
Director: Nicolas Donin and Benoît Martin (2011)

>#27 : Canzoniere, I et II by Marta Gentilucci
Director: Isabelle Ingold and Vivianne Perelmuter, in collaboration with Michèle Tosi. Released on February 4, 2021

>#14: Inferno by Yann Robin
Director: Pierre Rigaudière and Christian Bahier (2012)

> #28 : Like Flesh by Sivan Eldar
Director: Christian Barani, in collaboration with Philippe Langlois. Film in production
Released on January 23, 2022

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