Panoramix is a post-production workstation for 3D-audio contents. This tool offers a comprehensive environment for mixing, reverberating, and spatializing sound materials from different microphone systems: main tree, spot microphones, Higher Order Ambisonics capture. Several 3D spatialization techniques (VBAP, HOA, binaural) can be combined and mixed simultaneously in different formats. Panoramix also provides conventional features found in other mixing tools (equalizer, compressor/expander, grouping parameters, routing of input/output signals, etc.), and it can be controlled entirely via the Open Sound Control protocol.

Like a traditional mixing desk, the panoramix interface is designed as vertical strips (see Figure) which are organized in two main categories: input tracks and busses.

Tracks are used to process signals from a recording session. Panoramix supports several input formats: mono (typically from a spot microphone or an electronic track), multi (a multitrack is basically a grouping of several mono tracks), SMA (used to process recordings from a spherical microphone array like the EigenMike), or tree (used to process a main microphone tree).

Three types of busses are available: a panning bus, a reverb bus, and the LFE (low frequency enhancement) bus. The purpose of the panning bus is threefold: 1) it allows for the summation of multiple input tracks, 2) it determines the spatialization technique (VBAP, HOA, or binaural) being rendered, 3) it provides various settings for the encoding and decoding of the signals (e.g. HOA decoder settings or HRTF attributes in the case of binaural reproduction).The reverberation busses create and control the late/diffuse sections of the artificial reverberation. The current version implements a feedback delay network.

Finally, all the output signals from all the busses are collected in the master strip and then sent to panoramix’s physical outputs or bounced to disk. While each session only has one master track, it is possible to create mixes in several formats simultaneously.

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