Simulation of architectural acoutics for a better spatial understanding using immersive navigation in real-time

RASPUTIN is a collaborative fundamental research project (PRCE) at the intersection of “digital sciences and technologies” and “psychology”, that aims at reducing the cognitive complexity of navigation for the blind in a new interior environment through digital simulations and explorations using virtual reality with 3D audio. These explorations are also exercises that make it possible to mentally create cognitive maps of these environments not yet physically explored. The objective is to promote access to information by anyone from anywhere.

The RASPUTIN project targets the optimization of humanmachine interaction through the development of auditory virtual environments that improve training and learning of spatial configurations for people with disabilities, as well as access to and understanding of the spatial architecture of public spaces.

Project details

Program type
Programme générique
Nov. 1, 2018
Oct. 30, 2022
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