Mikhail Malt

I am a Researcher in the Musical representations team of IRCAM, Computer Music Designer Teacher (within the IRCAM Department of Pedagogy), Associate Research Director at Sorbonne University and Composer. I have a scientific and musical background (Engineering, composition and conducting) and my research focuses mainly on the theme of computer-assisted music writing (computer-assisted composition) and musical formalization.

Since my arrival at IRCAM (October 1990 as a student and 1992 as a research composer) my main activity has been between research and teaching especially in the composition and computer music curriculum.

Currently, my work is developing on three axes: 

•  Modeling and musical representation: the study of the expressivity of formal models in computer-assisted composition, and in real-time generative music, and the modeling of open works), 
•  the development of interfaces and tools for computer-assisted composition, 
 musical analysis and computer-assisted musical performance and musical creation.

Email : Mikhail.Malt (at) ircam.fr


  • La BStD comme possible représentation du concept de "masse sonore"  None
    La BStD comme possible représentation du concept de "masse sonore"
  • Le Samsâra, les enfers  None
    Le Samsâra, les enfers