Orbe is in the running for the 2018 edition of the Innovation Radar Prize

Launched by the European Commission in 2015, the Innovation Radar Prize competition identifies Europe's top innovators and their innovations found in projects supported by the European H2020 program. 50 projects have been selected for this competition, including Orbe with, a Saas platform for digital creatives.

Orbe created through the research projects CoSiMa (ANR) and RapidMix (H2020), in collaboration with the Sound Music Movement Interaction team at IRCAM. makes it possible for digital creatives to make their ideas and projects concrete using a simple tool available through a web browser.

You can support this project by voting for Orbe. The public is invited to vote for their favorite innovations through November 12, 2018. This process will define the 20 finalists eligible to win the prize during the ICT 2018 event next December.

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