Systema Naturæ

Publish date
Jan. 28, 2019

Since 2013, the composer Mauro Lanza has worked with the sound design object designer Andrea Valle on the series Systema Naturæ (or Histoire naturelle). In 4 parts, this series is dedicated to different rules of unusual nature:

Regnum animale: dedicated to the animal kingdom
Regnum vegetabile: dedicated to the plant kingdom
Regnum lapideum: dedicated to the mineral kingdom
Fossilia: dedicated to fossils

The composers were inspired by two references: the medieval tradition of bestiaries, herbariums, and lapidary collections, these catalogues of diverse beings among which different relationships are defined. And taxonomy, that systematic description of living organisms, going back to the Swedish naturalist Carl von Linné that ordered, in the 18th century, rationally, the polymorphic appearance of nature.

Listen to the first two parts