The Spectralismes days in streaming!

Publish date
July 24, 2019

This second edition of the conference will took place on 12-14 June 2019 in Paris during Ircam ManiFeste festival. It offered the opportunity to explore the many facets of spectralism. By ‘spectralism’ is meant any music that takes account of the acoustic structure of sounds and the mechanisms of auditory perception in order to produce forms, timbres, temporalities and new modes of expression.

The three days included interpretation workshops with exceptional musicians (Claude Delangle, Garth Knox, Frances-Marie Uitti, Duo XAMP) performing flagship works and commenting on their peculiarities in terms of writing and interpretation.

Some presentations

  • Opening address
  • Fanny Vincens, Jean-Etienne Sotty (Duo XAMP) and Pascale Criton in conversation with Robert Hasegawa
  • Lasse Thoresen, Spectral Mergers