Ars Electronica 2020

Challenging the limits of AI for the next generation of co-creative tools
Publish date
Sept. 22, 2020

IRCAM AIxMusic garden: multidisciplinary views of both the scientific and creative research carried out on AI, featuring six events:

Friday, September 11, 4:00pm - 4:05pm (UTC +2)
AI Creative Agents: The Man I Love
a video featuring the Improtek project interpreted by Hervé Sellin (FR) and Remi Fox (FR);

Friday, September 11, 4:05pm - 4:25pm (UTC +2)
Three Ladies Project
performance by artist Georges Bloch featuring the DYCI2Lib technology at Manifeste 2020.

Friday, September 11, 4:25pm - 4:30pm (UTC +2)
Little Etudes for Piano
a performance by Elaine Chew (FR) a series of short piano pieces based on cardiac electrical anomalies each described by Pier Lambiase (UK);

Friday, September 11, 5:00pm - 6:17pm (UTC +2)
Talk : Musical Generativities
a discussion panel In the framework of the Forum Vertigo 2020;

  • Facilitator: Hugues Vinet (FR), Director of Innovation and Research
  • With Douglas Eck (US), Principal Scientist, Google Research
  • Erin Gee, Composer and Professor, Brandeis University
  • Giulia Lorusso (IT), Composer / Alessandro Rudi, Researcher, INRIA and École Normale Supérieure
  • Jérôme Nika (FR), Researcher
  • Alexander Schubert (DE), Musician, Performer, Composer

Saturday, September 12, 6:00pm - 7:00pm (UTC +2)
Can we do the same with less – AI in 64 Kb

a hands-on workshop in English for the AIxMusic Hackathon by Philippe Esling (FR) introducing techniques for lightweight AI and demonstration of embedded technologies;

Sunday, September 13, 1:35pm - 2:25pm (UTC +2)
of Music and Artificial Intelligence 
a panel organized by Elaine Chew (FR), and discussions with Dorien Herremans (BE) and Philippe Esling (FR);