Replay: Forum Vertigo 2018 “Code-Decode the World"

The second edition of the Forum Vertigo brought together artists, scientists, designers, and professionals in the domain of new technologies for 4 days (June 13-16, 2018) to discuss the theme of code in creation—the visual arts, music, dance, literature, architecture—while exploring the impact of digital humanities today. Relive the highlights of these encounters!

Digital Humanities: Code and Decode Knowledge

The confusion of Traces and Objects
with Valérie Beaudouin, Matthieu Bonicel, Maël Renouard, Denis Teyssou and Jean-Max Colard
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Ancient Order and New Discorder in Collections
with Florent Aziosmanoff, Albertine Meunier, Joachim Montessuis, Karl Pineau and Sophie Bertrand
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Debate - Code and artificial intelligence: news masters of knowledge and creation?
This public debate clearly sets out the issues and impacts of the major mutations introduced by digital technologies in the academic world. Algorithms, coding, artificial intelligence, and big data: who are the masters of knowledge today? What uses can be made of these tools in learning and creation.
with Gérard Assayag, chercheur, Dominique Cardon, Frédéric Kaplan and Catherine Malabou
Watch the discussion (in French)

Coding the World 1

Algorithmics, Art, and Society
with Pierre Cassou Noguès, Jasia Reichardt, Vera Bühlmann and Hugues Vinet
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Coding the body
with Rocio Berenguer, Scott deLahunta, Marc Downie, Pierre Godard, Christian Mio Loclair, Chris Salter, Liz Santoro and Sarah Fdili Alaoui
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Artificial Intelligence and Generativity
with Philippe Esling, Claire Giraudin, Daniele Ghisi, François Pachet and Bertrand Braunschweig
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Coding the World 2

Presentation of the Exhibition "Coder le monde"
with Frédéric Migayrou, Camille Lenglois, Moreno Andreatta, Emmanuel Cyriaque and Olivier Zeitoun
Watch the presentation

Présentation of the Exhibition "Ryoji Ikeda"
with Marcella Lista
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Code and Literature
with Emmanuel Guez, Nick Montfort, Jörg Piringer, Beat Suter and Emmanuel Cyriaque
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Architecture and Design
with John Frazer, Adrien Ravon, Andrew Witt and Frédéric Migayrou
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Visual Arts, Music, and Interaction
with Natasha Barrett, Mark Downie, Jean-Louis Giavitto, Olga Kisseleva, Nicolas Maigret et Maria Roszkowska, Sébastien Noël and Emmanuel Mahé
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