Replay: Forum Vertigo 2019 “Designing the Living”

The third edition of the Forum Vertigo, held March 27—30, 2019 at the Centre Pompidou, is dedicated to artistic and societal issues surrounding biotechnologies. The use and the display of the living questions both its materiality and its technologies for manipulation in addition to raising underlying ethical questions. The entire event is available on replay.

Behavioral Matter: Compose with the Living

Be it in the arts, design, or sciences, how is it possible to create, to compose with living – or partially living – systems or organisms that entail a new way of defining the relationships among humans, non-humans, and environments?

with Hugues Vinet, Marie-Ange Brayer and Samuel Bianchini
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Foundations in Arts, Design, and Sciences
with Thierry Bardini, Peter Fratzl and Emanuele Quinz
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Research & Creations
with Laurence Bodelot, Sonja Baumel, Natsai Chieza, Allison Kudla, François-Joseph Lapointe, Martin Müller and Manuelle Freire.
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Reflections and Possibilities
with Monika Bakke, Jens Hauser, Miroslav Radman, Wolfgang Schäffner and Patricia Ribault
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“Dissect” Evening
A panel discussion/live performance, a multidisciplinary debate with contemporary works of art and design, presented via experimental stage design.
With Marie-Sarah Adenis, Frédérique Aït Touati, Claire Brunet, Emanuele Coccia, Olivier Dauchot, Manuelle Freire, Emanuele Quinz et Patricia Ribault.
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Designing the Living

The day features a dialogue between the curators and artists of the exhibition “Designing the Living” and researchers in the field of biotechnologies and human and social sciences.

with Marie-Ange Brayer and Olivier Zeitoun
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Engineering Nature
with David Benjamin, Stéphanie Douady, Éric Klarenbeek, Guillian Graves, Maurizio Montalti and Jan Boelen
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Program the Living
with Alexandra Daisy, Philippe Marlière, Julian Melchiorri and Olivier Zeitoun
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Modelling the Living: Scalable Systems and Bio-Computational Architecture
with Claudia Pasquero, Anouk Legendre, Jean-Luc Hervé, Annick Lesne and Marie-Ange Brayer
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Debate: Manipulate the Living
Biotechnologies, genetic engineering, transhumanism: the manipulation of the living blurs existing bounderies and raises fundamental philosophical, legal, and ethical questions.
With Jean-Max Colard, Denis Duboule, Edith Heard, Anouk Legendre and Sylvain Bourmeau
Watch the debate (in French)