Cursus Concert

A concert recorded at the Centre Pompidou to watch with headphones for an optimal listening experience

A new generation of composers have worked with the professional musicians premiering the final projects for this year’s Cursus program. The year for this internationally recognized training in computer music ends with a concert presenting short pieces. It offers a diversity of formats, aesthetic and technological proposals, revealing the variety of sensibilities and musical worlds of artists from Argentina, the United States, France, Greece and Italy, Japan, and Lithuania.

Part 1

Antonio Tules 
Vallée, for piano and electronics
Flavien Laffaille piano 

Kayla Cashetta
Reach, for soprano and electronics
Mathilde Barthélémy soprano 

Ko Sahara 
Paraphrase on “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, for microtonal accordion and electronics
Jean-Étienne Sottyaccordion 

Maxime Mantovani 
Existentia, for baritone saxophone, disklavier, real-time video, electro-acoustic apparatus and multitrack medium
Carmen Lefrançois saxophone

Sofia Avramidou 
Keep digging the hare hole, for celloand electronics
Séverine Ballon cello

Educational support Ircam/Simone Conforti, Grégoire Lorieux, Mikhail Malt, Sébastien Naves
Composer associated to the Cursus Thierry De Mey
Artistic advice Laure Gauthier poet

Video production
Année Zéro – Benoît Martin, Guillaume Foresti

Part 2

Oren Boneh
Her Majesty the Fool, for microtonal accordion and electronics
Fanny Vicensaccordion

Fernando Manassero
The Moth, for vinyl turntables and electronics
Roberto Maqueda percussion

Paul Ramage
Fragments d’une Fin, for piano CP-80 and electronics
Alvise Sinivia piano

Justina Repečkaitė
Transduced, for 3 snare drums, 1 small cymbal, 1 standing bell, 3 transducers and electronics
Yannick Monnot percussion

Claudia Jane Scroccaro
I sing the body electric, for double bass and electronics
Florentin Ginot double bass 

Educational support Ircam/Simone Conforti, Jean Lochard, Grégoire Lorieux, Mikhail Malt
Composer associated to the Cursus Thierry De Mey

Video production
Année Zéro – Benoît Martin, Guillaume Foresti

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou production. In partnership with the Haute École de musique de Genève and the Académie supérieure de musique de Strasbourg – Hear. With the support of the Sacem. IRCAM and the Cité internationale des arts are partners for the Cursus composer residences.