New Partners for the Second Year of the AIMove Post Master’s Degree

AIMove, a Post Master’s Degree from Mines ParisTech and IRCAM
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Oct. 14, 2019

Nine partners from the worlds European academia and business have joined forces to offer a Post Master’s degree taught in English dedicated to Artificial Intelligence: AIMove or “Artificial Intelligence and Movement in Industry and Creation”. The program was launched in October 2018 by Mines ParisTech. For the new school year 2019, the founding partners IRCAM (France), Idiap Research Institute (Switzerland), and the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (Greece) have been joined by  MDP maxon motor France (France), Neurodatalab (Russia & US), HAAS avocats (France), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and Goldsmiths University (Great Britain).

Artificial Intelligence is currently at the center of discussions and debates that go beyond the digital field, because of the changes it will entail. Developing intelligent machines for improving collaboration, living and learning, has not only economic but also social consequences. Companies and Society are facing a real need to find professionals with AI expertise coupled with the use of human movement for the interaction between man and machine. The Post-Master’s Degree AIMove aims at promoting an interdisciplinary AI engagement, in order to meet the industrial challenges of AI applications in relation to the body and movement.

This new program is in keeping with the goals of the École des Mines ParisTech’s strategic plan to adapt its teaching to the challenges of tomorrow and to train scientists and engineers for the 21st century.  
IRCAM is a part of the interdisciplinary instruction given in the AIMove Post Master’s degree which targets creative industries such as those related to music, design, and the performing arts. The STMS research lab’s Interaction Sound Music Movement team is responsible for the class on “Humans, Machines, and Connected Objects” and “Interactive Systems Based On Movement and Sonfication”, a field in which IRCAM has developed extensive expertise through numerous European and French research projects coordinated by the institute (Interlude, Legos, CoSiMa, ELEMENT).

« This unique program brings together the leading European professionals in the sector to train future engineers experts in AI and human movement. The industries concerned are the factory of the future, the automotive industries and the self driving cars, as well as the medical, cultural and creative industries. The expert engineer in motion capture and AI will be able to take on responsible roles in machine learning, collaborative robotics, IoT, innovation management for the industry 4.0, design of movement-based interactive systems based on human movement… » Sotiris Manitsaris is the Director of AIMove and Senior Researcher at the Center for Robotics of MINES ParisTech.

The AIMove program will train:

  • Experts in movement engineering, prepared to take responsibility in the industry, integrating motion
    capturing, machine learning and movement-based interaction;
  • Project managers able to conceive, implement and take over interactive systems or intelligent workspace projects by enhancing the sensorimotor and cognitive capabilities of the user.

The Post Master’s degree features 6 months of classes and an extracurricular program including workshops, international conferences given by renowned personalities in the domain of artificial intelligence, a think tank, and a summer school organized in collaboration with the GAIIA (Gesture & Artificial Intelligence in Industry and Arts) as a “learning expedition” to a European country in order to discover companies, research centers, and a city with a broad range of artificial intelligence projects focused on the human. The students finish this training with a mandatory internship in a company or a research institute in France or Europe.

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