Artisticiel: AI Musician and Humans by Bernard Lubat, Gérard Assayag, andMarc Chemillier

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Publish date
July 1, 2021

In the Dialogues d’Uzeste collection, the jazz musician Bernard Lubat interacts with musical artificial intelligence systems (AI) created by the Musical Representations team at IRCAM and with their designers: Gérard Assayag (IRCAM-STMS) and Marc Chemillier (CAMS-EHESS).

These musical cyber-improvisations are the result of over a decade of artistic complicity, high-level scientific research (recognized today by the extremely competitive European Research Council Advanced Research Grant: ERC REACH), and all sorts of experiments and developments of a series of software programs that have completely changed the face of musical AI today (Omax, somax, ImproteK, Djazz, DYCI2).

The CD features 3 jazz performances recorded in NewYork, Philadelphia (during the Improtech festivals organized by the authors), and Uzeste in addition to in vitro studio experiments. The 168-page bilingual text includes critical and philosophical apparatus on the issues surrounding artistic creation shared by humans and machines by Bernard Lubat, Gérard Assayag, Marc Chemillier, and George Lewis, a great pioneer in the field.

Released May 28, 2021 by Phonofaune
Artisticel (physical book-CD or available on streaming) is available on all major platforms (qobuz, Amazon Music, deezer, Spotify, youtube, Apple Music), online shops (Fnac, etc), at your local bookshop or record shop.

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