“Action! Creation!”, March 20 – 27, 2021

IRCAM participates in the “Week for Creation” on France Music with the creation of a unique sound identity for the event.

A regular partner of IRCAM’s ManiFeste festival, France Musique is committed to the creation of new music throughout the year. From March 20 to 27, the station will highlight today's music during the "Action! Creation!" week, which represents contemporary creation in all its diversity, without borders or cliques. The event’s high point is Friday, March 26, a full day devoted to creation, combining discoveries, investigations, reports, and interviews closing with a special show hosted by Emilie Munera and Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier.

Discover the program on France Musique

IRCAM’s contribution to this event in favor of creation and in support of composers in this troubled period is the creation of the sound identity. Throughout the week, France Musique will broadcast original sound jingles conceived in IRCAM’s studios by composer Roque Rivas. Whichever version you hear, they all reflect the warm, unifying and innovative character of this "Week for Creation". In an interview, the composer Roque Rivas recalls the context of this creation and evokes his love of both visual and sonic anamorphoses.

Listen to the special report “Musique connectée” (lit. connected music) by Suzanne Gervais on her March 26th show Matinale about MetaSound, a scalable solution designed by Ircam Amplify. MetaSound helps music distributors and broadcasters anticipate the future of our music consumption using data and artificial intelligence.

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