The Mouth [CANCELED]

January 20 through Sun 24 January 2021,
Ultraschall Berlin – Festival für neue Musik

The mouth is the gateway between two worlds: the internal and the external. There is an inner voice that drives all of us - like an inner monologue, a voice-over, that narrates relentlessly, suppressed and hidden beneath the surface. And then there is the voice that we project into the world - fleeting articulations, eloquent speeches, or incoherent, mumbled whispers. This audible voice is vulnerable, extremely fragile - a fragment of us exposed and projected outside of us, into the abyss. And there is a chasm between the internal and the external voices: a dichotomy between intimate and public voices, between our secret internal monologue and the voice that we cast into the world and that is heard. And the mouth is that threshold, embodying it like a purgatory. The piece asks what this intimate voice is, what is there to be repressed, retained, flowing under the surface? And what can then be said, if anything can be said?

Juliet Fraser soprano

Rebecca Saunders The Mouth

  • Rebecca Saunders  © Astrid Ackermann
    Rebecca Saunders © Astrid Ackermann
  • Juliet Fraser  © Dimitri Djuric
    Juliet Fraser © Dimitri Djuric