November 24 through Mon 29 November 2021,
11 a.m.- 10 p.m.
Centre Pompidou
6e étage (à l'entrée des Galeries 1 et 2)

free : 0 euros


TACT – Installation prototype / participatory creation

Come and test the prototype of IRCAM's next installation, TACT, and participate in its development before its premiere in June 2022 during the ManiFeste festival!

TACT is a visual and sound work conceived by a collective of young artists who invite the public on a virtual journey through the Parisian landscape.

The prototype of the installation, designed as an interactive touchscreen device, is installed on the 6th floor of the Centre Pompidou. After the spectacular ascent above the roofs of Paris, visitors are invited to live a second experience of the surrounding panorama, offered by the device's digital architecture.

Through gestures that you can imagine, alone or as a group, on the screen, you will trigger visual and sound metamorphosis and improvise using an open score.

The project's artistic team will be present to guide your experience and collect your impressions, ideas, and criticisms. This interactive creative process is a major part of the TACT process, as your feedback will allow us to improve the proposed artistic experience.

TACT - Centre Pompidou
Touch / Audition / Compose / Transmit

Interactive graphical-narrative system
Commissionned by IRCAM – Centre Pompidou

Design Zoé Aegerter
Sound design and creation Romain Barthélémy
Development Pascal Vaccaro
Computer music designer Frédéric Voisin
Photos Quentin Chevrier 

IRCAM - Centre Pompidou Coproduction. With the support of the Ulysses network, subsidized by the European Union's Creative Europe program.
  • TACT  © Zoé Aegerter
    TACT © Zoé Aegerter
  • TACT  © Zoé Aegerter
    TACT © Zoé Aegerter